Pillow Guide

Pillow Guide

Having the right pillow combined with a good quality mattress will ensure you have a good quality sleep every night. Natural fillings tend to be more expensive because of the difficulty in processing and extracting the feathers. As such ultimately the type of pillow you choose will be determined by the type of sleeper you are and your budget.

What type of sleeper are you?

  • Front sleepers: We recommend natural fillings on the basis that they are softer and provide gentle support. This will help your spine to remain neutral.
  • Back sleepers: We recommend white duck or goose down or if you are on a budget, the microfibre fillings. This is because as a back sleeper you will need a medium level of support from pillows that are full right to the edges.
  • Side sleepers: You will need a medium or firm pillow to help keep your head and neck in the prime position and for optimal spinal alignment to prevent injuries.

If you can identify your usual sleeping position, this will help you narrow down your perfect pillow. Soft support pillows are ideal for front sleepers, medium support pillows are best for back sleepers, and firm support will feel just right if you snooze on your side.

The firmness of the pillow is established by the type of filling: natural fibre and synthetic fibre:

Natural fillingsSynthetic fillings


These fillings are made from the back, wing and chest feathers of ducks and geese. These types of pillows breathe a lot easier and therefore allow the flow of air around the neck and the head. Down fillings are also lighter because they are used to incubate eggs.



Each individual fibre is hollow for a super lightweight way to trap even more warmth. This type of filling creates an extra plump pillow appearance. Ideal for those that need a softer pillow.


Feather fillings are normally heavier but less expensive. These types of pillow trap air to create a warm and soft sensation



Extra fine fibre designed to replicate natural down and trap warmth. This is ideal if you require a medium level of support

Feathers & down
Together these feelings give your pillow loft and firmer feel.
Memory foam

Temperature sensitive to provide ultimate support by providing responsive pressure relief. Great for support.


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