Guest Bedroom Furniture Guide

Guest Bedroom Furniture Guide

Friend, family or guests staying over? You don’t have enough space to put them in? Well, it should no longer be a headache with little careful planning, clever solutions and The Furniture Home. This guest bedroom furniture guide will ensure you have everything you need.

Which guest is staying which one is not, chances are your main worry will be the logistics of making space for those who need to stay over. Finding a sofa bed solution that not only looks stylish but is comfortable can seem like a major task. Here are our favourite sofa beds and tips on making your guests feel extra-welcome.

Day Beds

Day beds are a great option for anyone looking to create a multi-functional, space-saving sleeping space in the home. In comparison to a traditional bed or sofa bed, a day bed combines the best qualities of both. Designed to resemble a sofa, day bed has one open side, a back frame for leaning against, and two shorter sides that give the appearance of arm rests.

Guest Beds

Guest Bed frames are often meant to be seen and admired, so they may come with swirling, elegant metal frames with graceful crystal knobs, or in regal, sturdy wood with heavy under-bed drawers for a traditional, rustic look with extra storage options.

Chaise Lounge Sofas

Go for a corner sofa that converts to a sofa bed, giving plenty of seating space too. Once opened out, the chaise end becomes a handy place to pop clothes. Working very much like a traditional sofa bed, the frame and mattress lift out of the seat with a two-fold mechanism.

All in one Sofa Beds

choose a sofa bed that has minimal lines but maximum comfort. Ideal as a second sofa in a living area or a way of making a home office work that little bit harder, armless designs effortlessly work in any space. They also make a great backdrop ready to style up with throws and cushions.

Gift ideas for the whole family

Get ready for relaxation and entertaining with new sofa throws, chunky knit blankets, faux fur and fleece essentials

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