Chest Of Drawer Guide

Never underestimate the power of a chest of drawers. An essential part of your home furnishings, their ability to fit your clothing, your style and your living space makes chest of drawers timeless in their appeal.

But with modern, vintage, slim, spacious as well as a several other options to choose from, how can The Furniture Home help you to find your perfect style? This is why we have created a Chest Of Drawer Guide to help you find the perfect chest.

Do-It-Yourself or leave it to someone else?

Flat pack furniture your thing? Or maybe you think ‘why?’ about DIY? Either way, we understand everyone’s level of expertise when it comes to at home assembly. From no fuss, ready-assembled dressers to easy-to-build and a little more challenging commodes, explore and filter through the chest of drawers category to browse what’s available.

Dimensions, dimensions

Tall, short, narrow or wide, in the end space matters. A piece of furniture as versatile as a chest of drawers makes it a brilliant source of storage for almost any room size. Tall dressers or highboys with narrow set drawers are great for those tight spaces, allowing you to tuck away valuables that would otherwise vanish in larger containers. A large chest of drawers on the other hand, can act as a real show stopper whilst hiding away bigger, bulkier items.

Choice material

Choosing the material for your chest of drawers is by no means an easy decision. Whilst durable, manufactured materials such as pine will provide a light, fresh finish, you might want to consider investing in more solid woods such as oak or walnut, whose classic aesthetic and robustness will stand the test of time. Then again maybe you’re someone who prefers to go against tradition? If you’re in search of something unique with an added hint of glamour, a mirrored chest of drawers may just be what you’re looking for.

Styling tips

The top of your chest of drawers is an opportunity to really showcase your personal style. Depending on the size of the surface area, begin by placing a taller item such as a propped up mirror or framed artwork to balance visual appeal. By adding lower, more personal items and small trinkets such as a jewellery tray, stack of books or scented candle can you then really set the tone. Additionally, make a statement with a small plant, vase of fresh flowers or decorative lamp and simply step back and admire.

The Furniture Home loves everything home and décor, and we want to make sure that you do too. That’s why we carry several different chest of drawers for sale online. With options it’s easy to narrow down your online shopping to find chest of drawers that are right for your home.

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