TV Stand Buying Guide

TV Stand Buying Guide

Finding the right TV Stand

Choosing the right TV Stand can be quite a challenge. Furniture to complement your new Sony, Panasonic or Samsung flat panel TV can be an important addition to your living space. It's a difficult task to balance value, aesthetics and practical use. You may be looking for a furniture TV stand that is contemporary in design yet is easy to use in the home with features such as good cable management, soft close doors, storage flexibility or even integrated power sockets. On the other hand your choice may be to go for something that mixes materials and contrasting colours. For example a LED TV combined with a glass open shelf or an LCD TV and a TV stand that has maximum versatility with a solid black beautiful real wood finish.

Alphason has long been established as the market-leading manufacturer of TV furniture specifically designed for audio-visual entertainment in the home. Since 1985 they have become renowned for innovation and excellence in TV stand design and development.

What to look for when choosing the right TV stand

Good planning is key to choosing the right TV stand. Consider the space in which your TV will be situated. Make sure you cover all angles, width and dimensions. Another important factor is weight, make sure the TV stand you choose can accommodate the width and weight of your LCD and Plasma TV. Take your time and compare TV stands carefully.

Compare TV Stands

TV Stand design choices Alphason continuously develop new products that are both ingenious and aesthetically appealing. With a commitment to using only materials of the highest quality throughout our rigorous design and manufacturing processes. They pay particular attention to the safety aspect of our products and only ever use toughened glass in our tv furniture that conforms to the most stringent British and European standards.

Glass TV Stands

Often black glass TV furniture is minimalist in design with clean lines and aesthetics. The ANCORA series from Alphason is a good example of a stylish range of practical, space-saving support furniture.

Wood TV Stand

Stunning real wood veneers complement contemporary wood TV furniture. Available in many types, such as Cherry, Light Oak, Black Oak, Walnut and others. The Finewoods range is a stunning real wood veneer finish TV stand and Hi-Fi available in Light Oak, Black or Walnut.

Black, White and other colours TV stand

For a more contemporary design style TV stand, Black and other colours are a popular choice. Nothing is a better example than the Alphason Yatai TV stand, a contemporary piece of furniture with a low centre of gravity, smooth gloss finish and stylish design. Optimum viewing position and angle.

Your TV stand and the environment

Taking the envritonment into account when buying a TV stand is a real issue now. Alphason are committed to reducing the environmental impact of TV Stand production. Continuously developing new TV stand products that have both cutting edge design and are aesthetically appealing, whilst paying particular attention to sourcing materials which are the safest possible to the environment.

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