Dining Table Buyers Guide

Dining Table Buyers Guide

Dining Table Buyers Guide

Family meals or Grand Parties.

Whether it’s dinner with friends, family gatherings or enjoying a cup of tea whilst reading the paper, a dining table is central to a busy home and a big investment piece. If you intend to shop for one, you’ll have forever, you will probably want to buy only once. So, what do you need to look for? A dining table needs to be well crafted and strong, seat a good many people and be a good size for most rooms. As a dining table can be an expensive investment, you will need to take your time in your search to tick off the key criteria you hope the table will satisfy at home. Here are top 10 tips of Dining Table Buyers Guide. Ext Dining Table

1. Select a dining table made of sturdy stuff because you want the table stand the test of time. If you want a table to last through years of dinner party wear and tear, choose a table made from a hardwood, such as mahogany, walnut, maple, oak and teak. Tables made from engineered or composite woods, which include plywoods and MDF, are durable and economical but are never as strong as a hardwood. Also consider other material, like that are sleek, modern or industrial, metal dining tables can add a glamourous touch to your space. They also have an added bonus of being easy to care for and clean.

2. Wood is tops, but don’t discount glass. The advantage of a glass-top dining table is that it works well with many decor themes. And because it has a reflective surface, it is an excellent choice for a space that might need to look a little lighter and brighter. Glass dining tables are tough, too. Today’s versions are made with tempered safety glass, which means the glass resists scratches and heat and won’t shatter if knocked. Glass tables will give a contemporary touch to your space. They also help to create a feeling of light and space to your room. All of our glass tables use tempered glass for durability.

3. Go for the tried and true – a weathered wood table. A second-hand wood table with a farmhouse or industrial heritage has already passed the test of time. Any scratches and nicks on the table-top surface have mellowed into design details, becoming features to admire. If you accidentally add a few more to it, it won’t matter. For this reason, these tables are great for families with children, you’ll never have to worry about whether your brood is unwittingly or even intentionally marking the table.

4. Why not try and Impress your guests. Marble is a big investment, but without exception marble dining tables are nearly always showstoppers. Tables crafted from quality imported marble are extremely beautiful. Buy without guilt if you truly fall in love with one — marble’s timeless appeal will make it a table that is always in fashion — but do be aware that a marble table-top comes with a couple of drawbacks. First, marble tables of any kind are bulky and heavy. Second, they have to be well looked after, as the marble can crack and stain. To avoid stains, keep the table cleared and clean at all times, covering it with a tablecloth or placemats when red wine and foods that can damage marble are on the menu.

5. Consider a designer pack-and-go dining table
. Plywood is lightweight and durable, and a plywood table can be flat-packed and assembled as needed at home. Your dining table then can be packed up and moved as necessary. Plus it works well in a home with modern Nordic or contemporary Asian style.

6. For buyers on the move, choose a table that is easily transportable. For those who don’t stay put, a heavy table may prove to be an annoyance, weighing you down each time you move. If you fall in love with a metal or marble table, don’t be discouraged from buying it, but do think about how you might safely transport it. As suggested above, choose a small, round marble table, or go for a wooden table with detachable legs. If you are looking for a table to suit an urban-industrial decor theme, don’t go all-out with a (heavy) metal table but consider a (lighter) wood table with some metal design features.

7. Consider Shape and Design: A round or oval table is great for maximising your space, they offer flexibility with seating and are great for socialising. Square tables are great for opening up your space and offer plenty of table top surface. Easy to fit within most rooms, rectangular dining table are often a popular choice as they’re a classic design in numerous finishes. Settle on a shape that will work in most rooms. If you buy a six-seater, eight can usually be accommodated at a pinch — the larger the diameter, the more people can be seated. On the other hand, rectangular tables have limited seating spots due to the position of the table legs and because only one person can be seated at each end.

8. How much do you actually have? Have a look at your room and the furniture that will surround your dining table. Measuring the length and width of your table is important to ensure your chairs fit comfortably in your area. Remember to leave space for manoeuvring in and out, particularly if your set up is close to a wall.

9. White is always the new black. If you aren’t expecting your table to suffer wear and tear, choose the most sophisticated and elegant table you’ve always dreamed of owning. White tables are notoriously tricky, especially if they are veneered, because the smallest scratch will show up. If you are the careful type, however, white is super cool and will always be so.

10. After Care –

  • Dust regularly with a clean dry cloth
  • Repeat this procedure for periodic cleaning
  • Remove stubborn stains with a weak washing up liquid solution and a damp cloth and dry after with a clean cloth
  • The use of furniture polish or spray is not necessary or recommended
  • Never use abrasive or corrosive cleaning agents
  • Always use placemats and coasters to protect the surface from moisture and heat
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