Decorating Different Shades or White & Cream

Decorating Different Shades or White & Cream

There’s just something so heavenly about an all-white room. It’s no secret that I love simplicity, and these white rooms are the epitome of simple. It’s sorta like when it snows…everything gets covered in a peaceful blanket of white. It’s like a minimalist’s dream!

Now, before you go and say, Terra… this isn’t practical… let me just say this… sure, an all-white room probably isn’t going to be the perfect option if you have small children and pets, but there are a ton of performance fabrics, carpet, and paint options that are made for real-life… so you can enjoy this heavenly look without sacrificing practicality.

Ok, now that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at five tips that’ll make you mix different shades of white like a pro.


Tip 1. Determine your undertone colour

The first step is to determine whether you’re going to stick with warm white or cool white. Warm whites have an undertone colour of yellow, orange, and red, and cool whites have an undertone of blue, green, and purple.

Warm whites will be easier to blend with cream and beige, and white cool whites will mix best with shades of gray. Whichever undertone you choose, be sure to stick with it throughout your space.

Are you unsure about the undertone of something? Hold it up to a swatch of pure white.


Tip 2. Don’t be afraid to mix white & cream

If you’re working with warm whites, then you’ve gotta mix white and cream! You might think they don’t go together, but they do! Shades of cream will help warm up the whites in your space while keeping it light and bright. Plus, it’ll also bring in some subtle variation.


Tip 3. Repeat the same colours of white throughout

Make sure to repeat the same tones of white throughout your space. From the big pieces of furniture down to small decorative accents, this will help keep it looking cohesive.

The key to keep it interesting is to make sure you use different textures. Don’t be afraid to blend all types of leathers, linens, cotton, velvets, and other fabrics.


Tip 4. Pick your paint colour last

Long story short- you can get any colour of paint, but when you’re shopping for furniture, you’ll notice that your upholstery options are somewhat limited, so pick those first! There will always be a paint colour that’ll go with it because you can bring in a sample swatch of the colour you want to match, and they’ll custom mix some for you. Be sure to get samples first, of course.


Tip 5. Balance it out with a pop of black and wood

Did you notice that every one of the pictures above have a pop of black and/or wood? Yep, they all do! And it was all intentional.

Going all-white sounds gorgeous, but there needs to be a little something that helps ground the space. That’s where a pop of black or wood come into play.

Think about using black and wood accents with small decorative objects, lamps, hardware, picture frames, or with the legs of furniture.

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